Sunday, June 29, 2008

Praha: An Ancient Little City

Taking the bus to Prague was like riding a horse on a really bumpy trail in the middle of an Eastern European forest, dotted with farmhouses. The view coming into the city was amazing though; it looked as if we were walking into a fairytale.

Our hostel was the cleanest $20 a night accomodation I've ever slept in. Camille and I spent the entire three days walking (those Czech taxi drivers charge quite the premium!) around the old town, the newer town, the Jewish Museum (the saddest memories of the Holocaust's effect on Prague) and various gardens and parks. Not to mention a couple nights out at the bars and jazz cafe's...

Sapna & Camille at Bugsy's Bar
Sapna's first cup of Absinth! ugh!!!

Check out the slideshow for the best view (yes, facebook users, you have to click into my actual site to view the show, sorry!)

The Town of Kutna Hora
Now this was the craziest little Czech town ever...filled with churches and cemetaries. Not to mention a musuem dedicated to objects made from skulls. The Ossuary pics are below...enjoy the morbidness!

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