Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wien: Coffee Lover's Paradise

Two hours of gorgeous people watching at the arrivals terminal of a Slovakian airport and two Slovakian lattes brightened my mood and set me off in a European direction. After meeting Camille and hopping on a bus across the border, we recounted our adventures apart the last year. Upon arrival in Vienna, we were greeted with sunshine, beautiful architecture, the smell of bratwurst and an amazingly connected transport system.

Situated in Ottakring, a heavily Turkish populated area, our hotel was clean and quaint. Kaffeehauses line the streets and every second corner is a kebab shop. Not to mention the abundant Anker bakery shops that sell fresh sandwiches.

Coffee is Vienna is an everyday delight, with some shops open at 7 AM and others opening much later and staying open into the wee hours of the morning. While some serve the infamous Italian espresso, (normally the restaurants that also serve amazing pizza), others serve a much stronger, richer, darker, Viennese espresso, Julius Meinl. Even I had to put sugar in it!

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