Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Deutschland: Frankfurt, Struttgart & The Rhine Valley

Germany is a beautiful country; it was so great to hang out with friends in European cities and check out the German beer (surprizingly mixed with all sorts of concoctions, from Coke to Orange flavoured drinks) The greenery surprised me the most; in between small cities and teeny towns is a ton of forest, perfect for hiking, camping and apparently close enough to Holland to get to the beach!

Frankfurt Apfelwein was a great alternative to German beer...although I did like the lemon flavoured beer at the cafes. Kristin played tour guide and together we checked out an original Frankfurt pub in the city, and I tried vegetarian German food (yes, it exists!). Potatoes and an awesome green sauce, with egg!

Kristin and I spent the first couple days in the city, walking around the major tourist sites, taking in the architecture (some of it from pre-WWII), checking out Frankfurt by night, and seeing the Goethe house museum...what a cool old-style mansion! Not to mention our amazing boat ride on the Rhine at night. Check out the slideshow for the architectural pics (click View Original Post in facebook)....

Heidelberg was our next stop, a beautiful hill town with old houses. The coffee is just indescribable...cafe after cafe after cafe...I was in heaven! We also visited the amazing Heidelberg castle, and a Museum of Pharmacy!

Struttgart was another Singapore reunion, where Kristin and I met up with Jens, and I got to experience an original German beerfest with old school German music and perfect summer weather; it is so comical to see 8 year olds attempt to make capirinhas and serve you beer in tents! We also spent an afternoon in the brand new Mercedes museum, checking out the history of German and the automobile industry. Next time, Berlin is on my list for sure!

Jens, Kristin & Friends at a houseparty

Last days in Germany: Kristin and I visited a small town in the Rhine Valley (Cronbeck) on our way home to Frankfurt, and saw more great cafes, castles, churches

We then spent an evening of "Wine in the Park", back in Frankfurt, Singapore style. Not only did we get a view of the riverbank, but there were Ironman athletes finishing up the last part of their triathalon.

What an amazing country...I'll be looking for German lessons and a way to go back!

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