Monday, September 15, 2008

Jasper in the Fall: September Long Weekend

A trip to the Rocky Mountains is the perfect way to end off summer, so Sean and I decided to head out to Jasper. Even in the rain, the mountain range is breathtaking! My tiny little toy car didn't like the mountainous paths though...I guess a little 120 horsepower Hyundai Accent isn't meant for road trips! We took the gondola, wandered around the touristy town, and hiked down trails.

Not to mention the cutest little basement suite we rented from one of the town's residents. The Two Little Princesses Inn Hiking Boots was the only available suite on this busy long weekend...but it turned out to to be a charming, fairy tale like place!

Above: Michelle & Sean, Sapna in the Rocky Mountains, Miette Hot Springs

Michelle and Nicole happened to be hanging out at Miette Hot Springs, so we took an afternoon to get really hot (and then freezing cold) in the hot springs sulfur smelling pool, and walked down the paths to see the geological wonders (which I'm sure Michelle understood best). From the cute small town restaurants to the endless trails and walking paths, this mountainous adventure was the perfect end of summer break.

Next up: Radium Hot Springs in the winter, and possibly winter camping!!!

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natasha | sohobutterfly said...

Winter camping!!?!? Are you sure you're brown? *lol*