Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sean & Sapna's Golden Champagne Birthdays

Sean turned 26 on the 26th, and I turned 24 on the 24th, a Golden, Champagne or Star birthday depending on your country of origin! So, we thought it was the perfect excuse to have a few double gin extra dry martinis.

Suede Lounge on Jasper was a great venue, classy but still fun. Loud enough to have great music, quiet enough to actually hear each other speak.

My three friends named Stephanie finally met each other and tons of people dropped by throughout the night. After Stephanie T. decided to introduce me to the craziest martinis , and Stephanie B. gave me some birthday shots, the party really got started. Sean's friends joined us for drinks, chocolate cake, and flatbreads. Yes, we're getting old...

Thanks to everyone that came out; it was a blast!

Sapna & her Martini, Sapna & Kristin, Meghan & Ryan

Pics below: Steph W & Sapna, Sapna, Sean, Kristin M.,
2nd row: Sean, Kristin, Leonard, Blake,
3rd row: Steph T, Steph B, Sapna

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

If there is one thing I must say about Vegas, it's this: you need a week. The city's overwhelming atmosphere wraps itself around you in a short weekend, leaving no time for the scenic wonders surrounding it, and very little for touristy travel.

Joanne's 25th birthday party was a 3 night event of drinking, eating at glorious restaurants, touring around hotels and shopping at outlet malls. Deciding I definitely needed to be a little more high maintenance for this girls weekend out, we went on a shopping mission. 32 dresses later, I found 2 little black dresses and makeup perfect for the nights that followed.

Above: Michelle, Priscilla, Sapna, Amy, Joanne, Aliza at Wynn Theatre.

La Reve was definitely the highlight of my amazing excuse to be high maintenance, dress up, and see an incredible aquatics cirque show, directed by a former Cirque du Soleil director, Franco Dragone.

Hotels were glamorous, from the Mirage where we stayed, to Treasure Island, the Venetian, New York New York, and Paris. Not to mention the amazing crepes and Check out the slideshow below (yes, facebook users, click on my actual link to my blog)

Definitely need to go back to Vegas to see the scenery, more hotels, Broadway and gambling. I did try my hand at the craps tables and one spin at the roulette wheel, but really, gambling is no fun alone!

Happy Birthday Joanne...I hope you had as much fun in Vegas as I did!