Friday, May 22, 2009

Hiking in May: Canmore, Banff & Grotto Canyon

Tired of the bustling, busy city, and our workaholic lives, Bonnie, Janice, Sean and I headed to the mountains for May Long Weekend. You can't beat the Rockies for a breath of fresh air! Just three hours away from our demanding, hectic, corporate lives, we found the fresh life and dead silence of nature.

We began our adventure at 8 am. A three hundred kilometre trip was the perfect opportunity for me to finally finish some German homework! Our pit stop in Calgary was a chance to visit Joanne (yay!), and eat at Las Tortillas, a small neighbourhood authetic Mexican restaurant, owned by Sean's host mother's brother from Mexico. I can't say they are adventurous in the vegetarian department, but even their cheese quesadillas had a unique, pickled salsa taste.

A sunny May long weekend Saturday felt like the perfect whipped topping on your favorite dessert---just the thing to start your weekend off amazingly well. At The Hostel Bear in Canmore, we enjoyed a faux log-cabin style stay.

Saturday afternoon we toured Canmore's five million dollar neighbourhoods, and barely slept Saturday night due to the frequent cargo trains.

Grotto Canyon, Canmore

Bonnie's first hiking trip on Sundaywas indeed one of my best. Known to the town natives as the "trails behind the houses" (really, it took a policewoman to tell us it was Cougar Creek and Grotto Canyon we seeked), this was an amazing, rocky, oasis between Canmore's beautiful million dollar homes.

We spent the evenings at Banff and Radium Hot Springs to relax in a hot-tub temperatured pool (really, guys, put some sulphur in if you want to call it natural).

In Banff, we met Alex & Christina, travellers from Ontario and Montreal and enjoyed another Mexican meal (at the only place open for food on a long weekend Saturday, past 11 pm). a tourist town!

Check out our styling Canmore tourist pics and hiking adventure in the slideshow below! (Facebook users, please click View Original Post in order to see the FlickR slideshow in action!

Monday's sleety snow was much to our dismay. We took this opportunity to show Sean and Bonnie Banff and Lake Louise for the first time ever. With its motivated joggers, fit labradors, and cute couples, the lake is like a miniature winter paradise. Although Lake Louise's frozen lake (Yes, FROZEN in May), limited its gorgeous view, we still enjoyed the perfect Illy cappuccino on the steps of the Chateau Lake Louise hotel. Fairmont, at $400 a night, was a beautiful opportunity to make believe before our reversion to the city.

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