Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Frustucken in Edmonton

Summer in Edmonton is like a fleeting two months of happiness after eight months of a prisoner's hell. The month of June consisted of a few Sunday brunches among friends, as we checked out some fine Sunday dining to relax from the stresses of the working life. The Germans have a word for the enjoyment of breakfast we miss in the English language; fruhstucken.

Manor Cafe

Meghan, Sean, Stephanie and I have labelled this as one of our favorites; amazing poached eggs, great fruit and sides and a cozy, home like feel. Just minutes away from 124th street's little boutiques, it's a great place to enjoy a meal and then walk around the downtown area.

Shopping, yoga, and breakfasts....what a great way to spend Sundays! Too bad our weather only lasts a couple months!


Surprizingly affordable, this restaurant in the downtown core (ok, ok, I know our downtown is not spectacular, but it's getting better!). For under $15 we got an amazing meal, including cornbread, fruit salad and tabouleh. Working like crazy makes the weekends seem heavenly.
Ah, to be a student again!

A new German movie I found interesting after a few months of classes was The Educators, titled "Les Edukateurs" (less, with a k) for the Cannes Film Festival in France. A few politically left winged college students can't stand the rich, snobby neighbourhoods near them, and break into the homes, not to steal anything, but to rearrange the furniture and leave "life-changing" sticky notes. A must see!

With my new German tutor, Marika, Wednesday evenings consist of a foray into German culture and creativity with grammar. From houses, to work, to school, we speak about real life situations, to help me follow my dream to work in a warmer place, to live in Europe. With semi-fluent French, parts of Italian and bits of German, maybe I can follow a path towards my dreams.

German philosopher Wittenstein said it best "Die grezne meiner sprache sind die grenzen meiner welt". The limits of my language are the limits of my world.

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