Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Little House in the City

Homeowners for Dummies? Tired of paying the landlord, I made the leap to a tiny little house a basement and a yard. I find the place eerily quiet, even though it's right near the busiest part of the city (ah, Edmonton, you do try to be a metropolis). After my Spanish exchange student's exchange was unfortunately cancelled, I went on the roommate hunt....quite the adventure I can tell you!

From creepy creepers to arrogant people that can't read, to families that wanted to move into my basement (my 14 and 16 year old are "quiet" they assure me), to a woman who claimed her four year old Boston Terrier only weighed 10 a one month span I saw it all. Luckily, I now have a German roommate named Rainer, and there's better energy in my home (more than just my own footsteps!)

A cute little house is now mine; it looks like the ones I wanted to buy when I was eighteen (what do you know, it's six years later, living in Europe and Asia sucked up my money like a furious vacuum). Decorated in red and black, and the kitchen in dark lime green, feng shui elements are around my home; happiness awaits. Fairly priced, and gorgeously maintained, I'm excited to be in a place that's really mine. (Ok, the rec room/bar needs work!) English tutoring like crazy to pay the bills, I've turned into a workaholic - but a workaholic with a beautiful life. Can we say houseparty???

One thing I can tell you about home maintenance. An electrical contractor never to use: Laser Contracting, owned by Kam - don't use this company! As a marketer, I'd be happy to detail the reasons why my customer service experience was less than satisfactory; just email me.
The best part of being a homeowner? No condo fees and I can have a dog! Twenty years after I first asked for a puppy, my dream comes true. As a kid, I asked every Christmas and birthday from the time I was four, until I relented my pestering at age 12. After a year of reading doggie books, dummies books, training guides, and collecting internationally airplane-approved gear, I am ready.


Kiara, my little black lab puppy, was born September 4th, 2009 and will be coming home from Calgary on November 7th, 2009. As summer disappears into the Autumn, I begin to understand why, despite the work, people are so excited for their babies; I can't wait to meet her!

Kiara - pronounced "kee-ar-ah", Irish for "little dark haired one", and Italian Chiara for bright, I'm sure my black lab will be intelligent and beautiful. Her full size kennel, puppy collar and leash, seatlbelt harness, toothbrush, puppy blanket, organic food, ceramic food bowl and a dedicated nameplate await her arrival!

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