Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Seattle: Underground City of Cafes

After an arduous summer of work, work, work, Sean and I jetted off to Seattle for a weekend in August - land of cafes, planes and a famous fish market. While Pike Place is not all it's cracked up to be, and the original Starbucks lacks the same elegance as them all, Seattle's other cafes were heavenly. One must, however, give Starbucks the credit for the largest coffee marketing plan ever - despite their mediocre, weak, American style espressos. From the central Green Tortoise hostel, to the half rain, half shine weather, to metropolitan teaspressos on Vancouver's rocky beach, our getaway was a perfect escape from our workaholic lives.

Feminism in the Air

A day at the airplane museum proved to be a worthwhile bus ride. On a budget, we checked out Seattle's very Edmonton-like public transport; slow but gets you there eventually. A slow mode of transport to check out the world's fastest mode. Throughout the museum, a feminist touch peaked my interest. Other than the well-known Amelia Earheart, women in flight included Harriet Quimby, Julia Clark and the Stinston sisters. With two floors of themed models and a few real planes parked on a runway, the Museum of Flight is a definite must-see.

Check out my slideshow of the airline industry's first women and the way society slowly let them into the cockpit. Girlpower!

Underground City Tour

Perhaps the most interesting historical tour I've ever taken (and I have taken a lot!), the Underground City Tour exposed three blocks of Seattle's "old city". Due to poor elevation conditions, the city had to be uplifted in the 1800's and for three years, people lived on a "two-level" city, with the bottom level harbouring the miners' bars and other entertainment, and releasing sewage like smells throughout the city. The comical speaker made the show, from his description of the city's aroma to his description of the city's political bureaucracy.

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping (and pizza)!

Go outlets! Yes, half of our four day trip to Seattle was spent on the outskirts, shopping in malls. Best $400 ever spent...for double the price of our plane ticket, we shopped ourselves silly! The metropolites in Seattle's core, and even in Vancouver's Kitsilano While Vancouver and Seattle are famous for street pizza, one slice was good enough for me. We met up with Sean's brother and had an amazing Thai meal. Busy, bustling, beautiful...if it weren't for the rain, Vancouver would be the perfect place.

Canadian Beach

HI Jericho Beach is an interesting hostel located on Vancouver's waterfront. Roomy, clean, with great staff, it's an excellent way to spend a cheap night in Vancouver. Ok, perhaps not the most Singapore like beach ever, but a refreshing difference to Edmonton's land locked land mass. A pensive hour by the beach before returning home.

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