Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Perfect Housewarming Party

On October 24th, 2009 I threw my first houseparty, with quite the turnout (facebook replies, you lie!). A simple affair of 30 people, a smorsborg of Halloween cupcakes, tiramisu, crackers, Crispy Minis and various cheeses - and enough alcohol to feed an army - it was perfect. The infamous flu kept a few away from the fun, but it was a great mix of friends from everywhere. Unfortunately, the picture collection is slim, and doesn't even include half of those there...but we were too busy drinking ;)

From Big Shiny Tunes 14 to various radio stations to ecletic MTV, our background noise ranged from music to the Oilers vs. Flames hockey game. My cupboard is now stocked with wines of all kinds, gin, tonic, regular Coke that awaits its Bacardi companion, and collections of beer.

From top left: Steph, Sean, Ryan, James, Kendra

Bottom Row: Tracy, Lindsay, Kendra, Katie, Steph, Janice, Meghan

After weeks of rearranging dates and planning, it finally turned out a success. Expecting only a handful of people, I had a houseful. Maybe Shakespeare said it best

"Expectation is the root of all heartache"

You all know what this means...houseparties, bring it on! There will be more, bigger and better than the last!

P.S. If you need a good realtor, I can hook you up ;) Thanks James for helping me find my first home!

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