Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Puppy Love!

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After two days of frustration running after, correcting, and crate training my puppy, I was in love. A Mensa puppy according to the vet, Kiara learned to knock at the door when she had to use the bathroom, on the third day. Sit, Come, Down and Stay are all good...although we are still working on "Fetch" and warming her up to her kennel! To those non-dog lovers, skip this entry, it has little to do with adventurous travel - but can you resist the eyes of a little puppy?

"Wow, this car is the perfect bed...zzzzz"

"Tug of war is the best game ever - even with a blanket - why can't I play it with my leash??!"

We picked her up from the breeder in Calgary and she slept the whole way home! Shaking with nervousness, she accepted her new life away from her siblings. While the first two nights were hell - yelling so loud I could barely believe it! Something so tiny makes that much noise?! When beside any gentle human, she is in bliss. Leave the room and she cries - but she's learning!

Kiara - Gaelic for "little black haired one", camouflaged on my couch.

Training books suggest that you make a kennel super comfortable, so I bought a baby dog bed with cozy stuffing, a new toy, and treats, trying to entice her into the kennel. She's too smart though...what does she do? The second me or my roommate let her out of the kennel - she slams the door closed. Seconds later, she realizes "Wait, all the cool stuff is in there!" , runs back, drags out her ball, dog bed, and blanket, one at a time, and places them in the living room where I'm watching tv.

Me and my baby after her first bath

"I feel all fuzzy like a cat!"

Crawling under the table for a den - "Chewing the bone is hours of fun!...well, hours divided into minutes where I switch to chewing my rubber ball, blanket, and occasionally something I know I'm not supposed to, like my mom's shoes! I keep out of her closet though...that is out of bounds!"

"This is the table I like to den under, after I drag my flavour of the moment-toy around the entire table a few times and settle on a spot"

"A kennel? You're kidding, right? I'm staying right here with you"

Unless of course there'se a baby around. Kiara LOVES's like she knows she's baby too. Check out this pic (coming soon!) of Kiara and Sheena's three month old daughter, Alyssa, chilling in the baby rocker. We were at a coffee shop on the weekend (yes, I take her everywhere), and she whined when the kids who were petting her went on their way..."why can't I go play with you???")

Kiara loves to exercise and seems to have endless energy, even though she is let out at least twice a day. Every morning at 6:30 am, we go on a 45 minute walk/jog (She's more fit than I am...and at lunch hour I'm back again to play for an hour. Not to mention the hour in between work and tutoring, and two hours before bed. I think I'll have to join The Running Room's running club). At least the one online, so I can schedule the interval minutes in. She's a crowd-pleaser though, so on the weekends it gives me a chance to slow down - I even found a hair salon (The Hair Station) who said it'd be fine to bring her while she gave me a stylish cut...will have to try that!

Well it looks like I've taken on a different type of adventure. Don't worry though, this blog isn't going anywhere. Her kennel has a 5 year warranty and is international major airline approved, so I'll be sure that she's coming with me for long term travels (ahem...Europe!)!

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