Saturday, January 30, 2010

2010 – A New Decade and Quarter Century

2010 is off to a great start – the New Year celebrations (overrated as usual) are no indication of how this year will be. A new decade, new dream, new deliberation of optimism for my life. As they say, “You are not old until regrets take the place of dreams” – actor John Barrymore

Sapna's Quarter Century Celebration on January 30th was an amazing get together of friends at The King and I. Despite the forty five minute wait (after making a reservation 2 weeks earlier), and bone chilling arctic glare, the night turned into a laughing, joyful reminder of youth. To the left, a table of my friends –

From left –Rob, Dani, Sapna, Sean, Stephanie, Darryl, Rakhi, Rishi, James, Ryan, Janice Joanne, and Steph B

Thai cuisine and a bday crown – Thanks Joanne!

Following dinner was a night of eye candy at Obyrne’s – the closest bar we could shiver our way to – was a blast. I believe Facebook houses its pictures. Welcome to the Quarter Century club!

Other news in January -Kiara did amazingly well with her surgery – and she LOVED being Ms. Conehead – she even tried to put it back on after I took it off so she could continue to chew the plastic!!

A one day trip to Calgary was a long-awaited reunion for Julie and I – and a reminder that friendships can grow without the formality of adjacent locations. This year will be filled with frenzied work, travel, beaches and style - Here I come, California!

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