Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day!

Guatemalans say "Everyone in the age of their heart"

In the spirit of jest, I held my first Anti Valentine’s Party on Sunday, February 14, 2010. Why should the single girls not have fun on a holiday tormented by pretentious Hallmark greetings, overpriced flora and gluttonous boxes of chocolate?

With 8 am yoga on Sundays as usual, we began the day with a calming sense of hope – rather than the raging madness inside. Chic café lattes, croissants, bran muffins (350 calories a pop!), fresh juices, and scrambled eggs followed. Of course, Kiara couldn’t miss out on the love – see her below with Diablo, her newest toy, destined to be destroyed in weeks. Tear that Valentine devil, puppy! Rip his heart out!

After brunch we headed to the surprisingly full cinema to watch Valentine’s Day, a movie with an all star cast – Jessica Alba, Ben Affleck and Jamie Foxx included - and a fun sense of adventure about the holiday. Cute, funny, romantic – albeit predictable – this movie is a must see for Valentine’s haters – and maybe their lovers too.

We finished the night with a drink at Hudson’s, looking for the real candy on this lovely Sunday.

Clinton and Stacey Day followed our Valentine’s escapades on Family Day Monday, as Sean and Meghan worked their magic to transform me into a belt and dress wearing, fashion conscious, red heeled Devil with Prada. Kasha at MAC West Edmonton also gave me a new, $150 brightness to my face. Go stylistas, go!

Now it’s off to follow my stylista diet and visit my new 24 hour gym!

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