Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Parties & St. Patrick’s Shenanigans

Spring is in the air ... and in my house with puppy's little paw prints. What a relief that winter's death was quick and painless this year - a beautiful 11 degrees on March 16th! Puddles and snow memories aside, the weather is gorgeous. Kiara and I - with her backpack holding my keys and waterbottle - jog on weekends and some early mornings, speed away to training class (where the trainer admits she is a (boisterous) Mensa puppy, and enjoy sunbathing (well, she does anyway) in the mud.We love chasing other dogs in the ravine - it's off-leash park season!

Meghan, Morgan, Steph, Sapna

Steph's birthday was our first Spring party at L'azia downtown. Meghan’s birthday was also a great evening at Devlin’s – I think the pictures and professional photographer speak for themselves!

St. Patrick’s Day was a relatively tame affair - a Wednesday night a Eddie Short's to celebrate Michelle's birthday with some rockabilyl music and green beer. Picture below: Michelle and Jen What sort of lucky charms will the leprauchans bring this year?

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