Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer at Last & A Perfect Engagement!

Summer at last! The only great part about living in Alberta is July - it's beautiful! Summer in e-town actually makes me want to stay here - we become an amazing home to so many festivals. Our mission this year is to visit them all! I've missed two already - The Works and Improvaganza, so I'll do my best to capture the rest.

Nextfest Edmonton - This was the first year I checked out Nextfest, an artistic heaven of paintings and plays by Edmonton's finest artists. Although it was random, much in the spirit of the Fringe, Nextfest provided a bit more context for the plots in the shows. Survival of the Pigeo
ns was an interesting play on relationships and love - and the assumptions couples make. Improv shows, usually a blast, proved to entertain. The hour long skit included hit performers from Whyte Ave's Varscona Theatre, home of Edmonton's Theatresports.

Babies, babies, babies - I love my puppy!

Kudos to all you mothers out there, but I really think that I just can't do it for another ten years ago! Gasp! That's right, I said ten years, perhaps eight, despite all those jaw-dropping looks I get at every baby shower when I say I'm just too young! I'm sorry, ladies, I'm just not done traveling the world, running my own schedule and living for me!

Perhaps my evening with Pam at Catalyst theatre was the best to confirm it. We saw "I love you, you're perfect, now change!", the Broadway play reenacted by local actors. All the idiosyncrasies of dating and marriage are played out in this hilarious, comedic musical

Steph and Darrel's Engagement Brunch

Stephanie and Darrel are engaged! We spent Saturday morning, June 26th, cooking a brunch at Meghan's place. Of course, I brought my diet-friendly protein pancakes - but they added to the mix! Congrats Steph and Darrel - looking forward to the wedding!
Boys in the kitchen, girls admiring the ring!

This summer will be an exciting break from the daily grunt, with July's festivals, August's visit to see Julie in California (yes, summer and beaches!), Hardcore Fitness workouts, and September's mountainous climb on Peru's Machu Picchu.

Now - back to that hectic lifestyle I love - but watch The Lizard - from July 2nd onwards, it will become a bi-weekly note on travel and life's adventures.

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