Thursday, June 24, 2010

Writer's Unblock - Finding by Way Back

After a quarter century (and half a year) on this planet,it's evident to me that I need to go back to what I originally wanted to do 20 years ago - write! Figuring freelancing would be an interesting start, I Googled my way to a few random freelance jobs. One magazine in particular - I won't name it yet! - and I are working on pieces for a September Weddings issue. This is truly what my high school English teacher would call "the epitome of irony" -a single, female traveller writing for settled, engaged homemakers!

SEO seems to be an intriguing and lucrative venture and so part of my weekends have been spent writing web ready articles for those who make their money from advertisers. Haha, maybe I'll become an SEO pro and have Lizard followers again. One thing's for sure - this summer, my tutoring website will have the revamp of its life. I can't say more; my lips are sealed!

The most exciting "unblock" of all? Women on Writing (WOW) contest caught my eye in yet another adventurous Google search. Luckily, it was an open prompt. On a rainy Tuesday and bright Friday after a couple tutor cancellations, I penned the "postcard story" at a couple of Second Cup locations.
Second Cup, you are my inspiration. After four drafts of edits from friends,
- thanks guys! - I made it through the first cut of 200 stories. Claire's Scar is competing as we speak with 99 other stories for 25 prizes. Wish me luck!

Grad Studies at McGill!

To top off the month, I was accepted into McGill University's Graduate Certificate of Teaching English as a Second Language. It's "full-time" online for a year, 5 courses with 1 per semester during the year, and two at an intensive institute in July 2011 on the McGill campus! My first trip alone, other than Switzerland's Au Pair experience was to Montreal in 2005. A 20 year old backpacker, 6 years later I'll get ot see the city again, living close to campus with Kiara and work- free. All I'll be doing is studying, enjoying uni life and volunteering at the Refugee Tutor Centre in Montreal. Well, you never know, seeing how well tutoring is going, I may be doing a free hours - and some freelancing - out there, too!

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