Saturday, July 03, 2010

Canada Day Fireworks & My First White Wedding!

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Four days off for Canada long weekend was relaxing break to catch up errands, see friends and shop! Meghan, Tegan, Tess and I had a few cocktails and headed out to On the Rocks. We enjoyed a few drinks, a walk in treacherous heels to view the fireworks, and a few drinks at the bar. I have to admit I enjoyed the house party better than the bar. We hung out in summer dresses, enjoying the weather and the company of Tegan's little pug puppy, Vince.

I'll have to have a house party or two of my own this summer - can't believe October's housewarming party was the most recent one! It's so refreshing though, to see the mid-20's crowd I love - perhaps love, perhaps marriage - but leave that baby carriage for our mid 30's!

Ryan, Sapna, Declan, Tess Meghan & Vince Fireworks!

Dennis' Wedding!

My first all-white wedding! Skip the five hour brown religious ceremonies, numerous tardy events and screeching music. Don't get me wrong, a mixed wedding is beautiful - but it was a great cultural experience to see the original Western wedding. That's right, Dennis and Naomi's wedding was elegant and rustic, lighthearted yet religious, cozy but big - paradoxical statements but true nonetheless. The church was simply decorated, but the Pioneer cabin venue was cozy and lit up like Christmas. The speeches were short, but touching. Thanks, Dennis for throwing such a gorgeous wedding - and inviting your Singapore traveller friends!

As can be seen from the one black and white pic, my five year old point and shoot does not do the wedding justice. The ceremony itself was religious, with church hymns and and music. Interestingly enough, what looked like an African drum was in the mix at the church. That's actually the first time I've been in a church, other than to take the tourist photos in Europe! If I get married, it will be in a castle in the UK or France, with Kiara as a ringbearer or flower girl. That's right, I'll be saving up dough for awhile!

Seated at a traveler's table for the reception, we discussed Cambodia, parts of Laos, Europe, Australia and Montreal. I love how this entire weekend has confirmed my choice not to get involved in the baby-rearing circle I see all around me. It's inspiring, really, to look at them and think of the road ahead of me and the travels I have planned.

While Kiara's dog house and fence are no where close to completed (or started), and my tedious lawn mowing chore stopped by spurts of rain, the house is clean, the fridge is full and tutor plans will be organized soon. In fact, all this free time has made me realize how much I love to spend money, shop, and blog!

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