Monday, July 19, 2010

Sabor Divino and Hotel Mac: A High Class Weekend

In the heart of Edmonton's tiny downtown district, Steph, Darrel, Sean and I found a high class dining experience. From the live piano players and vocals to the exquisite meal presentation to the smooth red wine with a hint of oak, Sabor Divino was both the Italian "savor", flavour of wine, and the Spanish, "divine taste". After this third, 6 week drought of alcohol, tiramisu, chocolate and pasta from my nutritional plan, my body welcomed the relief of a well-prepared, caloric ecstasy. While the toned, lighter body is worth every second I work on it, so is the monthly diet dupe, complete with heavenly food and philosophical conversation. I suppose this is where the rich people dine; a 21st birthday host announced to her guests that they were free to have a good time; she would cover their drinks, meals and cabs home! The evening concluded with plans to attend this week's Shakespeare in the Park festival.

Dad's 60th birthday

Dad's 60th birthday was another high class meal (much more calorie friendly) the next day. A portobello mushroom "burger" (made from solely portobello mushrooms, interestingly enough, not tofu), mixed salad with a touch of goat cheese, sans dressing or Kaiser bun, was my adaptable meal. The perfect skim latte was delectable and Dad enjoyed the day, I think. We found a local art gallery called CopyCat, that sell oil paintings on canvas, copies of famous works, for a gift. I may have to return there and brighten my own place soon, seeing as Kiara has either eaten and destroyed or shed all over the area rugs!

Happy 60th Dad!

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