Monday, July 12, 2010

Snap Happy with My Digital SLR!

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Finally - one of my two long term postponed purchases made me a happy gal and snap happy this weekend! The other, fabulous, $1300 Silviano Rancilio espresso machine, tamper and grinder package may wait until my European adventures begin. For now, the digital SLR is an incredible edition to my blogging mission. So, I promise you, readers, more snap happy, crystal clear, pics and videos on The Singapore Lizard! Once I learn to use it, of course...

Just six and a half weeks until we get a visitor from the best continent in the world! Biased statement, I know, seeing as I've yet to see three of the world's landmasses. Kristin G, who we met in Singapore arrives in Canada in August, giving me the chance to take an entire month off work, including Peru and California. The Lizard will document every day with my new Canon Rebel TS1i in Edmonton, Banff, Jasper, Canada. Not to mention every day pics of my beautiful black lab. (Haha, can you tell I may be trying some search engine optimization there, modeling after some freelance writing I've done? Go SEO!")

Take a look at my first amateur pics of my puppy on my new SLR (well the best of the first 150 clicks). Although she normally pounces on any toy, she has left my camera alone. I can't wait to take pics of her and the neighbour's puppy, 5 month old black lab Watson. She's my only subject so far - but can you get a more fascinating model? We took Kiara to Terwillegar dog park for the first time - and she LOVED hanging out off leash with the other pups, including a 140 lb Rottweiler. She even chases the older dogs who clearly tell her to bugger off and get her puppy excitement out elsewhere!

"Ahhh...I could LIVE outside"
Ahh, where's Watson? He's normally here for our dog park run by now!

"Hey...I wanna get some of that stick!"

"Play with with with me....c'mon!"

Janice, Sean, Kiara with some athletic Riverbend neighbours who are the active rugged hiker type.
"Oh wow..I LOVE this! How come my mom hasn't taken me here before??"

"What? I'm not lost! I'm right around the corner!

"I'll never get tired of this!" (10:00pm)

"Zzz....Zzzz...Zzzzzzz" (6:00 am)
There's nothing more peaceful than puppy cuddled up in a ball.

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