Monday, July 26, 2010

A Taste of Shakespeare

Two of our "festival city" wonders spread the city this past weekend, in celebration of the one week per year of deliciously hot weather. Free Will Shakespeare's production of Much Ado About Nothing was a hilarious rendition of the Shakespearean comedy. Beatrice and Benedict's banter about their individual inhibitions towards "love" fuel deceit, tragedy and mischief in a play about weddings,family, friendship and the limitless boundary of love. Messina, Italy, was brought to life in lively entertainment at the annual Shakespeare in the Park festival.

Benedict's (John Ullyatt) personal touch took the 1599 play and embellished it for an audience 500 years its senior. He sneaks around the set with creative hiding techniques as he strains to overhear Hero's assertion that Beatrice (Belinda Cornish), an independent woman, has fallen in love. Beatrice, too, is shocked to overhear the (sneakily planned) conversation between Hero and her gentlewomen, assuring them that Benedict, a ladies' man, has one true love.

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For a glimpse at Shakespeare's first theatre, the Globe, in London UK, click here. Perhaps one day I'll move to rainy England and see performances where they were originally held.

A Taste of Edmonton was the perfect end to my weekend (of working, freelancing, and trying to catch a few stressful sleeps). Stephanie and Darrel met me downtown for a sampling of Padmanadi's veggie cuisine and That's Aroma's way too garlicy salad. The venues are there every year - but every year it's fun to check them out anyway! A Taste of Wines boasted a sampling of Sangria, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon for $2 to $6 a glass.

Leave Capital Ex for the kids - apparently they got rid of their best venue, Edfest Stage, this year anyway - and go on downtown for a Taste of Shakespeare and Wine!

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