Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Welcome to the Gaybourhood" House Party!

Ryan and James' event "Welcome to the Gaybourhood" was a fantastic part of my weekend. Having never been to St. Albert (other than last year's failed attempt to find the company golf tournament, I had never visited the town with perfectly trimmed trees and too many traffic lights. What a beautiful home - haha I suppose two realtors would find the perfect match. (Ok, that picture is just istock, but really, it's kinda close!

What a great night of meeting new people, drinking wine (only a glass or two on this diet!) and enjoying the brief summer e-town gets on a patio on a warm evening. The rooms in the house - including the kitchen - are amazing and they seem to have picked the perfect furniture. Thanks for the invite to your great home, James and Ryan!

From left: Josh, Kent, Leonard, George, Sean, Next pic: James, Bonnie, Darrett

It's a subtle (but prominent) reminder that summer houseparty season is halfway through its peak - and I'd better start planning if I want to use my house to its fullest potential this year. Haha, perhaps we should build a fence for puppy first!

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