Sunday, August 08, 2010

Fringing in the Festival City: August in Edmonton

Despite our temperamental weather, the first few weeks of August are always host to the summer's best festivals - Heritage Days and the Edmonton International Fringe Festival. This long weekend's weather was spectacular - and the international fare was somewhat diet-friendly!

With Ethiopian vegetables, a Russian bread and jam combo and a cup of fruit on my platter, I wandered the booths and watched international performances.

Unfortunately, puppies aren't allowed in any city park, so the next day Kiara and I stayed in. We love driving to the dog park and hanging out with Kiara's puppy best friend, 6 month old Watson! See them below shaking hands before beginning a rough, tumbling wrestling match in my basement!

Fringe Festivals are always hit & miss - though I'm told this artsy collection of art and plays is the country's best. Performers from around the world share their drama, comedy and poetry with everything from college skits to Late Night Cabarets. A late night spectacular of bits and pieces from comedic shows, it was a great preview to the rest of the Fringe - although I'm in California for the second half of the festival this year :)

This summer, I made two Fringe trips, both of which turned out to be creative, inventive and ingenious. The best, Happily Ever After was a hilarious parody of Snow White, Cinderella, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and the Little Mermaid - in what would happen in the land of "Happily Ever After" if the princes left and the girls had to grow without magic. Cinderella gets a divorce and tries to take care of her baby with a broken wand, Snow White explores lesbianism and Belle attempts to survive marriage to a beast. In a not so perfect world of postmodernist princesses, Polema Productions' first show was a hilarious take on love!

I love the Fringe!

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