Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dogs, Birds & Llamas: Wildlife in Peru

After a week in Peru, we've seen bugs (including the cicada that was in Stephanie's shower), llamas, alpacas, birds and a plethora of lonely, stray dogs, begging for companionship and food. Just yesterday I saw a lonely black lab puppy wandering the streets - quite resemblant of Kiara as a baby - and a Peruvian child just kicked him to get him to move - and he wasn't even in her way! Some dogs lay without limbs on the floor in front of stores and bus stations, restaurantsa nd train depots, their sad eyes waiting for a master.

Ok, the first picture is borrowed - the llamas moved too quickly for my amateur, basic, lens but the rest are my depiction of Peru's stray wildlife.

Sorry to put a damper on my upbeat travel blog, but I have to share this cruel, inhumane news a local tour guide, who seemed immersed in the culture, shared with me. The Peruvian government, not having the money to spay and neuter dogs and cats (really, I ask you, with all the millions of dollars coming from Machu Picchu tourists each year?) - lure them with poisoned bread and dig their grave. Such beautiful anmials of every breed imaginable; even the "pack" we saw near the Scotiabank yesterday was an assortment of different dogs. Like Sophie, a British girl I met, said "I can't stand it. Can't stand to look at the run over puppies. I wat to open an animal shelter here".

I feed them all; parts of my trail mix, mostly the oatmeal.

Kiara, baby girl, I miss you! Here's to all your fellow species; a tribute for the puppies of Peru.

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