Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Lake Louise & Icefield Fun

Evelyn's coffee
in Banff and a quick breakfast kickstarted our mountainous adventure today. You should have seen the look on the McDonald guy's face when I asked for an Egg McMuffin with just the egg and English mufin - no butter, no meat, no cheese, - oh, and a tomato, please. Haha, I guess the health conscious don't even try their establishment?! We headed towards the Columbia Icefield Parkway, stopping at Lake Louise to take in the picturesque sea green waters and test out my new portrait lens!

Breathtaking scenery, mountain fresh air and really, the beauty of enjoying free time. While we haven't seen any wildlife yet, we're on the lookout for an elk or a bear before Kristin leaves!

Check out the shots below of Kristin, Sean and Sapna, attempting amateur photography at Chateau Lake Louise.

The next day, we drove up to the Columbia Icefields and tried our hand at amateur photography on a glacier. Check out the Glog below, or CLICK HERE facebook users, to see a better view!

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