Friday, September 03, 2010

Patricia Lake Photoshoot

Our one day stop in Jasper turned into a picturesque two day photography session in Jasper, Maligne and Patricia Lake, a small community of cabins five kilometers north of Jasper, Alberta. Crystal clear blue water, perfect sunny skies, tall mountains and a Bear's Paw Bakery lattee made the day perfect. Patricia Lake's well-equipped kitchen allowed us a hearty homecooked meal the night before (after hiking the Maligne Canyon for a few hours) and enjoy the cozy outdoor hottub.

Facebook Users, please click HERE to see both a riveting slideshow of hiking adventures and a fun Glog collage of a day at Patricia Lake.

This entry is short and sweet - I'll let our amateur photography pics do the talking! (Click HERE, facebook users, to see the Glog. I know, it looks like there's nothing there, but there IS...just one click right here....

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