Friday, December 17, 2010

Warm & Fuzzy Photoshoot

As the Mcgill semester (and others) come to a close, I am taking "Secrets of Photography", a six week online crash course in photo composition and design, to let my artistic side flourish. Just six little rules and a few ISO settings in Week 1 and already, I am addicted. Let's add photography to my list of expensive, addictive habits - cappuccinos, travel, blogging, martial arts, languages, yoga - and of course, the Aquarian, manic, intense, desire to always learn.

Following my six week adventure, I will take a four session course in-person, where I plan to bring my 10 best photographs and learn more technique. So many amazing techniques to learn, so many posts I'd love to write - and so little time. Each week, the course instructors allow us to choose 2 pictures to post online and have critiqued.

This week I have chosen a theme, in contrast to our depressing, snowed in weather out of doors - an indoor photo shoot. "Warm & Fuzzy" is my attempt to showcase the comfortable parts of winter - pillows, blankets, coffee & puppies. Please click "Show - info on the top right hand corner of the slideshow to display the titles.

Facebook Users, please click View Original Post on the bottom of the "Note" or, click here. Just one click and you'll see the whole photo shoot!

(Note: my 2 best photos here are "Peaceful Slumber" and "Dean and Deluca New York", both of which my instructor confirmed have good technique - this fuels my desire to pursue amateur photography!


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