Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Here's to 2011 - A Year of Artistic Endeavours!

2011 will be an amazing, creative year. While we rang in the New Year with a quiet, delicious fondue party amongst friends, the year that follows will be explosive. Four relaxing days have given me some perspective. Since I turn 26 in just a few weeks, I've dedicated the first year of my late 20's (eek!) to re-discovering my passions. Funny that as you grow older, you have to set goals to accomplish what you love - reading, writing, music and art are no longer habits, but merely great ideas that fade into an abyss of lack of time.

In the words of French poet Victor Hugo,

"The future has three names. For the weak, it is the impossible. For the fainthearted, it is the unknown. For the brave and valiant, it is the ideal".

Inspired by a quote-infused Lululemon bag two years ago, I set short, medium and long term goals twice a year and review quarterly; two personal, two business and two health. While health goals dominated 2010, personal goals will flourish this year as I begin the novel I have always dreamed of writing, read as I did as a child and a little Music and Lyrics (2007) to my life.

Four days of time with friends, coffee and a seemingly random selection of six movies revealed my ideal course for 2011. (Kiara used, then chewed the t.v remote again - in fact, I came home one evening to find her nonchalantly watching Madagascar on a channel I have never watched).

Letters to Juliet (2010) (a reporter's quest for a story) & The Jane Austen Book Club (the idiosyncrasies of relationships) were lighthearted reminders that passions need to be followed and that when literature and writing surround me, I am happy.

Little Children 2006 -(follows the story of an affair on marriage
& Love Actually 2003 -(follows couples in Hugh Grant's humorous way) reminded me that couples are surprisingly different, relationships flourish and happiness can be found when least expected.

Due Date -2010 (a road trip of polar opposite strangers) reminded me that the uptight business gal needs a little unstructured fun and that structure and plans are not all bad. Lorina was home for Christmas and at a brunch with Cecilia and Maghan we hashed out the subject; don't worry, Maghan tells me - planning is overrated and it will all work out. I'll try!

Black Swan (2010) was a literary, creative masterpiece that followed the a young dancer's psychological obsession with perfection and the price she pays to live both the life of the beautiful white swan and that of her evil black twin. Perfection, it reminds us, has a dire price. It has my vote for Best Picture and Costume at the Oscars, for sure.

Expect a book review per month to become a (hopefully welcome) addition to my blog. I'll keep it analytically light, but I'd love to update you on the ins and outs of my quest to read more novels.

Here's the first, miniature slideshow of the year - a sliver of my free Saturday was spent photographing beautiful baby Alyssa. Facebook users, you know the drill - click View Original post on the note, or click here.

Happy New Year, everyone. Here's to valiantly creating your personal, ideal future in 2011!

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