Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Berries Photoshoot & An MMA Fighting Puppy!

Photography was supposed to help me blog more, but it looks like two photography courses, a new McGill course - and a slightly frantic search for a new semester of tutoring students - makes this two weeks since my last post! Squeezing what daylight I can out of my lunch hour, I'm snapping a few photos of a wintery wonderland and a soupy spring slush. All of these pictures were taken last week, although after this week's Photography class, I'm realizing I'm way off focus and need more practice zeroing out to the correct exposure. Note to anyone planning to take camera courses - take the in-person basics one first; it shows you how to focus properly and use those AF points the online course leaves a mystery. My pictures will get better,
I promise!

Good news, my neighbour is the local Dog Whisperer and has helped me get Kiara in the car, simply by standing tall and walking her in like she doesn't have a choice, and I mean it. Then lots of cuddles and treats and kind words once she's in! Stubborn puppy; she can definitely fight. Almost to the point where she's punching at you with those front paws - hey, I'm not the one teaching her Mixed Martial Arts skills!

(the first picture is a bit overexposed (and the other two, too dark) but they are the only ones where I got her still enough!)

Speaking of MMA-with bruised arms, sore legs and padded gear, I'm just a few weeks shy of Blue Belt! I feel obligated to start going to bars to watch the latest fights - $50 on pay per view, yikes!

(Here's a picture of the belt progression, since it seems that Jujitsu, Karate, Kung Fu,Tae Kwon Do and Judo have their own systems). It takes about 4 months to get a belt if you don't skip a single class, now that I'm a Black Belt Club Member. This basically means 2 regular 45 min classes and 1 brutal self defense class per week! Definitely a good stress reliever though - and wow, what a workout!


Lisa said...

You have a really good eye for composition, imo, and I think knowing which exposure settings and all that will come with practice. I have problems with that too, although it's getting easier and easier. The MMA stuff is awesome. I should really get involved in something like that.

Your dog baby is getting HUGE but still adorable.

Sapna said...

Thanks Lisa :)

Yes, baby dog is huge now!