Thursday, February 17, 2011

V-Day with Puppy Valentine!

Last year's Anti-Valentine's Day brunch seemed to kill the spirit, so this year, I celebrated in style. (I know the pic's blurry but please grin and bear with the photographic experiments). My three stage plan to celebrating V-day on my own this Feb. 14th turned out to be:

1) Finish a paper on romance languages for McGill - well, how those languages are learned, anyway. Press submit. Breath sigh of relief. Check.

2) Beat up boys in MMA - well, this plan didn't work out so well, because there were only four of us in class - all girls! So it was an intense, butt-busting, sparring class. Just for fun, I've added a badge with my MMA progress on left side of my blog. 6 black stripes will take you to the next colour stripe. A colour stripe plus 6 black stripes takes you to the next level! (1 black stripe is 6 hours of training)

MMA Belt Rank - White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, Blue, Red, Brown, Black

3) Take my puppy valentine to Movie Studio - The only movie rental place in town that lets puppies in!

Check out the Glog (blogging poster) below for a visual snapshot! Facebook users and anyone who wants a better view, since the embed didn't work so well this time, click here.

V-Day, 1945 - Perhaps a Second World War reference is a better name than Valentine for this abbreviation. At least until I abbreviate the craziness in my life to let in someone new.

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Anonymous said...

aw, your puppy is super cute. Also, Videodrome lets dogs in (and even feeds them treats if it's OK with you).