Monday, April 25, 2011

Broadstairs: Perfect Sunday at the English Seaside

England's balmy weather this past week is adding a beautiful hint of optimism to my trip. To be perfectly honest, I didn't realize that England had such a beautiful seaside! Late Sunday morning, Aunty Viniti, Uncle Steve, Sunny, Nia, Tina, Rachael, Tom and I took a one hour road trip to Broadstairs, a quaint town on the Southeast coast of England. British accents, historical shops, delectable icecream, and cobblestone lanes that Charles Dickens himself walked down - added a hint of history and culture to our adventure.

Although I realize Vancouver has similar beaches and similar ocean views, there is something about England that draws me to explore, clams me down and forces me to evaluate my decisions. Conversations with family help me re-evaluate, forgo my argumentative nature and accept my culture. I will, however, forgo Edmonton's inexpensive cost of living, snow and bitter cold for London's fast-paced, "dear", rain - or at the very least, Vancouver's high priced clouds.

To those of you who believe in the power of visualization and the over-marketed concept of the Secret, you know that one's perception of possibilities in the world is reality. In fact, a dangling "I heart London" key tag now jingles with my Canadian keys.

Take a look at the Glog (blogging poster) below for a collage of Broadstairs, Kent, England!

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