Friday, April 29, 2011

A Day at Sussex University & Family Time

After the royal celebrations, Uncle Steve, Aunty Viniti and I decided to take a day trip to Brighton to visit Tina, who we had dropped back to uni Monday evening after the Charlton football match. Just an hour outside of the London Borough of Bexley, Brighton is a university town situated on a picturesque seaside (two seasides in one trip – yay!). I love being by the water, perhaps due to my Aquarian nature, although I’ll readily admit I’m a horrible swimmer and very unskilled surfer).
The Brighton pier is every university student’s dream; it’s littered with pubs, and centered on a carousel and penny carnival style amusement park, with a boardwalk right down the middle. Students just back from Easter holidays held hands and walked down the seaside beach, local artists set up upcoming shows and those who live in the area walked their dogs to enjoy the beautiful weather.  Take a look at the beautiful Saint Bernard we had fun with!

Can we say claustrophobic?

Randomness on the Ceiling of the Pier's main bar

Nia's British Cakes
Cedric the Saint Bernard
Sapna & Jhaiji
Uncle Steve & Cedric the Saint Bernard
Sapna & Jhaiji

The day before was a relatively quiet day in Bexley, as I visited Jhaiji, saw Sunny and Nia’s new flat (apartment), and took walks near the Thames and along the Crayford neighbourhoods to Bexley town centre. Although it has only a small shopping centre, I did manage to find a few souvenirs and bargains, including a Manchester United lead (it’s not a “leash” here) and “After dinner Carob mint dog treats” for Kiara! I miss you puppy!!!! (and your passport is in progress!) Wouldn’t it be so nice to see extended family more often?

Aunty Viniti & Sonia in Sonia's apartment - Poor quality mobile photo so I had to turn it into a sketch!

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