Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Day in Chelsea, Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road

Wednesday was a beautiful day to putter around London and visit the area of Chelsea, Fulham (where the posh people live and international students go to school). The weather was gorgeous and I had enough time to take a leisurely stroll and buy a William and Kate mug from Emma Bridgestone.  I laughed when I saw her designs, since I saw them last week at Chapters, thinking they were a new, Canadian brand. Lol!

After an hour in Fulham, I took the 15 minute train ride to Oxford Circus. Instantly, I was reminded of Singapore - the crowds, the amazing shopping complexes (Topshop, River Island and Next specifically) and the vibrant energy that permeates the streets. I absolutely love it!  Expensive, I know, but wow, what a vibrant atmosphere (though clothing prices were about the same as Canada).

Caffe Nero is one little gem I had forgotten about before landing at Heathrow. Aside from Costa Coffee, the Italian espresso shop that rivals Starbucks (not a fair rival, in my opinion.
Costa wins every . time!) In fact, I visited 4 coffee shops on Wednesday, including two in train stations (I wouldn't recommend them, least of all "Delice", a French delicatessen knockoff that seems to think squirty tomato sauce and mozzarella belong inside a croissant).

  After some power shopping on Oxford Street, I met Lisa for an Italian dinner (read about her adventures on her blog,

Sapna and Lisa at Tottenham Court Road While advertised on many sites as London's "little Italy", there really were only a handful of Italian shops! So, we chose the first one and had a delicious meal of pasta (I love the fact that holidays are made of daily cheat meals! :)

 After dinner, we took a walk to Tottenham Court Road, where there are shops, shops and more shops, from the tacky ones that sell British flags and tourist souvenirs, to Waterstone's and clothing shops. 

Lisa, Mike and I walked up to Charing Cross, where I took the train south back home. Perfect weather, quaint stores and big retailers, posh schools and regular streets - I loved it all!

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