Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kiara & A Yaris

My little red Lego car died last Sunday - one year too early! Or so I thought a week ago. Now, it seems it didn't die early enough! Enter a $10 000, 2 year old, 35000 km, beautiful silver Yaris. Cute, compact, sturdy and reliable, it seems like a steal of a deal, at only six grand more than my 2000 Hyundai Accent. I'm so happy it gave way this year and forced me to spend money on a depreciating asset :)

(I know, I know, the wheels are kinda hideous, but the car is cute!)

The best part? Take a look at everything that was wrong with my old car (and this is just the top few)

Lego car =

- Broken cupholder (this makes top of the list, people; it could barely hold my latte!)

- No block heater - in Alberta!!

- Half-ass heating (seriously, in Alberta...)

- Broken clock

- Broke speed dials on the radio

- No A/C (ok, well the weather's not that great, anyway)

- Broken bumper with cord hanging out - and no, I had the mechanics at work check, this was not a cord for a block heater

- very chipped windshield (it is so nice to have a new windshield and mirrors that work)

- Oil that must be filled every two weeks - yay, only oil changes and not leaks and burning on this one! Kiara, thank goodness, had no trouble at all, trading up to a Yaris.

Here's a picture of my beautiful puppy, who, according to the DNA test I had done on her, has one side purebred Labrador and one grandparent on the other side who was a German Shepherd (Alsatian for the Brits :). She also has 1% to 10% West Highland Terrier in her. Smart fun dog + smart guard dog + smart crazy dog. Sounds right. Thanks DNAmydog.com!

In other news, I've hired the trainer back for a few sessions before the UK - apparently I'm severely anemic so the doc set me up with a nutritionist. I aced the requisition test, except for that one score - I was supposed to be 70 to 300 in Feratin, and guess what, I was seven! You try to find vegetarian sources of iron.

Boo. Dieticians are legally obligated to sell you the Canada Food Guide - a LOW PROTEIN, high carb diet that I will NOT go back to. So, iron pills, spinach and so many other veggies and carbs that take forever to add up to 18 mg of iron. And this lady seems to think that with hot yoga, MMA, running Kiara, etc. I need over 2000 cals a day to maintain weight, and at least 1500 to lose it. Ha. Yeah, right. I'm not getting duped into her ideology that there is no "ideal" weight, only a weight you feel happy at.

I'm just about blue belt in MMA (their computer system messed up so they're a little behind on belts). Now, though, I'm in another type of fight.

Personal Trainer vs. Dietician.

Dietician vs. Personal Trainer.

Goal: Lose 7 lbs that crept back in the last six months.


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