Tuesday, April 26, 2011

League 1 Football: Charlton Athletics Club

Monday, a public holiday here (Easter Monday is not optional!) was a fantastic opportunity to see a football (soccer) match. Though Charlton was in the Premiership (the top of the 4 main leagues in the country), they recently slipped to the third rung.  Charlton vs. Rochdale, the particular match I saw, was a 3-1 win for our home team. I even managed to get a collector's pin to add to the travel pin board I started when I was eleven.

At the end of the match, which was enhanced by Bob Lawrence's commentary, I had a chance to meet a football player. Unlike hockey games, football here has no live commentary, but our fellow season ticket holder had enough comments to keep us all entertained. Bob Lawrence is a radio voice-over artist, and is quite well-know here. Check out his website for examples.

Sapna & Chris Solly

Check out our goalie, in pink!
After the match, the football players and their fans hang around, as the players sign autographs and take pictures. Here's a pic I got with Chris Solly, a 19 year old player who scored one goal this season.

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