Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brutality & Beauty: UFC Fight Dos Santos vs. Carwin & A New Puppy

Two years after my Martial Arts training began, I have finally engrossed myself into the world of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships), thanks to my friends Cynthia and Simon, who take  classes with me at Edmonton Mixed Martial Arts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Originally from a small town in Quebec, they are both helping me practice my French, for my month in Montreal (just two weeks away!) We have started watching the fights together at Boston Pizza, too  (horrible food, as usual, but the Northend one has a giant TV screen). It seems so inconsequential when you do not train yourself, but after martial arts training, every move they make is significant.

Saturday's fight was Brazilian Junior Dos Santos' shot at winning a place in the title fights, in September, vs. the current champion, Cain Velasqueza, a  Mexican-American. I still find irony in his name - "Junior" is HUGE, with giant reach (77 inches I believe) and a belt in Brazilian Jujitsu; Junior fights in the heavyweight category. I'm slowly starting to remember names of the fighters; it's amazing to think that some of the people on the Fight Card Saturday night won, their first time in the MMA ring. What a great way to spend a Saturday night. Hey, who wouldn't like watching completely ripped, sculpted men fight in shorts?

Notable fights of the night were:
  • Kenny Florian vs. Diego Nunes - Cynthia and I nicknamed these ones "sad boy" and "pretty boy" - the first, because he never smiled, even after a great victory, and the second - "pretty boy" - because of his disgusting cockiness and egotism in his prance around the ring before the fight. 

  • Einiemo vs. Herman - simply because Herman , first time in the MMA ring, won the fight.

  • Sam Stout vs.Yvs Edwards - a knockout on the first round for Stout!
I will say, though, that, in light of the last fight I watched, dos Santos vs. Carwin was bloodier than I ever expected. Although it was an amazing win, from the look on his face, even dos Santos was surprised at the damage his strong, buff arms had done. While we (especially Cynthia, who had been awaiting this fight for months) wanted dos Santos to win, it was still a bit gruesome...
(pics above and below taken from the Fight Card at and
 You know, one of the things I will miss most about Edmonton is Mixed Martial Arts class - but here's the good news - the UK has MMA champions, too! Kiara is passport- ready as of November 13th, so mid 2012 looks like a good bet. Somehow, this dream will come true.

After the fight, I drove a few blocks to Steph T's beautiful new home, and met Luna, her gorgeous puppy. (Kiara and Luna will have to hang out when we're back from McGill). Blue heeler, collie and mixed with two other breeds, this 7 week old pup was really a beautiful end to an awesome night.

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