Friday, June 17, 2011

My First Diamond - A Locket Full of Memory

To commemorate Stephanie Wertz, Meghan and I decided to get matching lockets, with Steph’s picture on one side, and her funeral flowers on the other. After a decidedly difficult search (apparently silver lockets under the hundreds of dollars price range are a rare find), Meghan found the perfect one at an unexpected mass retailer.

Thank you, Meghan, for treating me to this wonderful gift. I know our friendship has become stronger since Stephanie left us. Trying to believe that someday I will see her again, in some form, I wear it every day (except while in hot yoga or MMA class, of course); I know Meghan does too. Meghan’s yoga blog details her journey up to her competition last Saturday (visit for a journey into a Bikram yogi’s life.

This is perfect timing to have this locket, as we are two weeks to the day away from Montreal and the start of something new. Over the last few months, I have realized how important it is to rid our lives of the unnecessary stress and live the life we want. For me, I know 2011 is a learning experience, and 2012 is my year. Chinese Horoscopes seem to agree with my thought here; the Ox (me, 1985) should be careful:

  • For those who wish to change their career or at least change the direction of it -  February, March and September will bring exciting offers and progress. (I'm betting on September here...)
  • Rest and relaxation will be vital for all Oxen during the Year of the Rabbit. (No kidding, I'm exhausted!)
  • March-June, tie up annoying loose ends, whether they concern property, relationships or work projects  (Hmm...okay...fits a little too well)
  • After October, it’s a good phase to evolve a love relationship, or if you’re single, find romance.   (Yay!)
  • Be careful with your finances all year. Chaotic Earth energies advise against investing, big purchases and money hungry ventures. (No kidding, tuition is expensive)
  • You may suffer from insomnia or fatigue (Yup, still exhausted!)
  • You may not be overly lucky this year,  feel pressured, but may gain money through hard work. You may face uncertainty in your career, or strained relations with colleagues, so try to remain calm, patient and avoid disputes (Enough said)

So, with a beautiful silver & diamond locket, Steph is forever in my heart, and forever with me on my journey towards happiness. I miss you!

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