Sunday, July 03, 2011

Canada Day, Parc de la Fountaine & Parc Mont Royal in Montreal

McGill University, rue Sherbrooke & McTavish

Arriving in Montreal, Quebec after 6 long years was a refreshing breath of air, multiculturalism and history.  Canada's Europe, Montreal mixes culture with big city class.  While their Canada day celebrations were a bit tame (regular parade and cake, fireworks and a Quebecois pop artist named Jacynthe), walking in the city's downtown core with Kiara made my first two days in Montreal incredible.

 My month off adventure started last weekend, actually, with Pets in the Park in Edmonton, Alberta's Hawrelak Park. The one day of the year dogs are allowed in city parks (here in Montreal, they are allowed EVERY day!), Pets in the Park was a bit of a disappointment on the activities end, but it was great to see Pam, Dani and Stephanie K. before I left

Mr Dee & Kiara
Pam & Kiara (Pets in the Park, Edmonton)
Yes, they were herding sheep.. too bad we didn't get to try!.

As soon as we arrived in Montreal, we met Pascal, and his girlfriend Pascale, who picked us up from the airport. Kiara did SO well on the Westjet flight - she was her happy, smiling self, as the kennel came down the luggage belt on Terminal 25 (just very anxious to get out!).                                                                                                                           I'm so glad I found,  which is kind of  like couch surfing but paid, and safe (guaranteed by the company itself). I had so much trouble finding a place that would let Kiara in, but Pascal and Pascale have no problem with their guests having their animals stay, too.  The apartment is gorgeous!  It has a projector TV and is literally a minute's walking distance from the downtown core.  They even gave me a credit on the rent since the washer and dryer haven't been installed yet - laundromat time!                                                                                                               Canada Day in Montreal means all the stores, including grocery stores are closed! There is a parade downtown, fireworks at night, and everything cities usually have. The Jazz Festival is what made the evening great - I can hear the music until after midnight from my balcony!                                                   
Other than that, Kiara and I have been hanging out at parks (although I haven't found a fully off-leash one yet),getting groceries, checking out a couple of cafes, and sleeping in (yes, I slept in until 10:30 the last TWO days, which means I woke up at 5am this morning!)

 Check out the pictures below for this morning's  walk in Mont-Royal Park. Don't forget to check out the slideshow for city pictures, apartment pictures and Kiara's gorgeous pictures in Parc de la Fontaine from yesterday afternoon.

P.S.  On the coffee "Yes/No" list,  L'Evidence Cafe is a definite yes (for brunch, too) and Cafe Coffee Depot is a definite no!

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