Sunday, July 24, 2011

Girls Nights, Les Nuits Afrique & Scena by the Pier in Old Montreal

Janice arrived last Thursday and is joining me for my last week in "La Belle Ville". To break up harried study sessions, we have been enjoying movie nights, long walks with Kiara, wine and desserts! 

Saturday night's trip to Vieux Montreal was spectacular - like a mini-European paradise (albeit a touristy one). We had been walking all day, and decided to return back to my apartment for the fireworks (there are fireworks every Wednesday and Saturday here, as part of the annual International Fireworks Festival - click here. ) 
Fireworks are visible from my apartment!

Les Nuits Afrique, a beautiful series of African music, dance and jewelry, could also be seen from my apartment balcony. We spent the night drinking wine, listening to African music, watching fireworks and enjoying movies on my one month free Netflix trial (I wouldn't recommend more than a month, because they don't have much of a selection!) Dinner for Schmucks with Steve Carell is a hit, though!

Dressed up for girls night!
Janice by the pier
 Dinner at Scena  on the pier was a definite highlight, as our waitress Geraldine let us practice our French, rather than automatically switching to English. The vegetarian burgers were amazing and homemade, with sweet potatoes and lentils, and the salad was delicious.

Puppy & Janice having fun

Delicious French wine
This is what having time to cook looks like!

Ahhh...chill time! My new goal is to incorporate more of it into my life :) 

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