Saturday, July 30, 2011

Indiana Jones: National Geographic's Treasure Hunt & Archaelogy Exhibition

Saturday morning was a foray into  National Geographic's take on the fictional Indiana Jones and other (more realistic) archaeological phenomena. Janice's brilliant idea introduced me to the world of Indy and his adventures (wow did I miss out, dismissing the three originals in childhood and only watching part of the 4th film)

Steven Spielberg's best clips were displayed on screens, but the entire experience was much different to most museums. In fact, it is like an adventure - you receive an audioguide, which you can follow for commentary (like most museums), but you can also choose an "artifact" to find, made of nine "pieces".  Each time you find a numbered post (1 through 9), you tap the audioguide against it - and voila! A challenge appears, which you must answer to electronically receive the "piece". After the 10th piece, you receive a reward (I won't ruin it for you...)

While much of the exhibition discusses the movie, and contains real props and costumes for movie buffs, a good part uncovers the history and archaelogy behind many mysterious sites, including the Nazca Lines in Peru and mummification  (click here and here to see my post on my trip there!) and Montreal's history from 1642 onwards. It really is the perfect blend of education and interaction!

This exhibition is on at the Montreal Science Centre in Vieux-Montreal, until the end of September. Check out The Montreal Science Centre for more information. It's $23 but definitely worth it, and certainly not just for kids!

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