Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Les 3 Brasseurs Brewery, African Cuisine, Simons & A Weekend to Relax

 Lorina's perfectly timed visit to Montreal allowed for a mini break in between my two intensive courses to see a bit of the city. Here's an overview of our two day adventure in the heart of "La Belle Ville".

3 Brasseurs is a definite highlight of Quebec, a chain of breweries that have amazingly smooth, fresh, tasting beer (and decent margherita thin crust pizzas). There's a large one on St. Catherine's street that has an large patio, or an air-conditioned interior to beat the 40 degree heat and humidity!

Lorina and Puppy
 We spent Friday night roaming around St. Denis and St. Laurent, trying out a few pubs, and a restaurant that is on the definite "NO" list! 

Abiata African Cuisine is a terrible venue with mediocre food and appalling service .With hardly any patrons, they took TWO hours to serve us a plate of curry and bread, without checking to see if we needed drinks or were doing well. To "compensate us" for us complaints, they gave us free dessert - and they couldn't even get that order right! 

Luckily, word of mouth is the best marketing service, and we made sure to mention to those waiting outside the next day, that they should choose another venue!  Montrealers, be sure to avoid this disastrous, but expensive, dining experience !

Sapna & Lorina!
 Saturday was a girly day of shopping, manicures and pedicures, coffee and brunch! L'Avenue is a must-hit for brunch - and wow, the service impressed us after the night before's fiasco.  I didn't bring my camera to this event, so I borrowed a picture to show you the delectable plates. (Thanks,

Janice and I will definitely hit that up when she's in town =)

We spent Sunday afternoon shopping at Simons, an amazing chain of department stores only in Quebec Go to   to check out their European inspired clothes. This is one store that Edmonton, with all of its retail savoir faire, is definitely missing! 

 We also checked out my favourite cafes (although Lorina's caffeine-free kick lead me to try peppermint London fog!). What an amazing break leading up to another two weeks of intense education and teaching!!!

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