Thursday, July 28, 2011

Montreal Tam Tams & Jean Talon Market

         This past week has flown by, with five of the McGill's assignments due this week and my Graduate Certificate coming to a close.  Sunday's Tam Tams were a definite highlight of my week, as Janice, Kiara and I spent the day in Mont Royal Park. The drummers are regular people with amazing skill, and dancers join in the procession, every Sunday from 1pm to sunset!

We can't get over how gorgeous this giant park, right in the middle of a bustling city, is, andd how many people show up there every day! Designed by the people who built Central Park, this aesthetic wonder has made me invent a new moniker for my home city "Deadmonton"!  Compared to Montreal, there is nothing to do in that city - all the festivals are the same every year, and in 5 years you could outgrow the city, even if you went to every place worth going to...not a place to settle, for sure!

Kiara gets water and treats from strangers! Cutie!
Check out the pics and the video below (definitely not great video skills, but you get the idea...)

Jean Talon Market  is a great way to get a healthy and fresh dinner - and wow - does it beat Strathcona's market in Deadmonton! Janice and I bought $2 garlic by mistake, not understanding the reason in rapid, rapid, French that the woman responded (the rest of the transaction was fine, but why organic garlic is $2, I cannot tell you!)

We cooked buckwheat pasta with cherry tomatoes (red, yellow AND purple), fresh blueberries, peaches, nectarines and plums. Yum!  What a treat to have the time to cook this Wednesday night :) Definitely worthwhile, even if you are swamped with papers, lesson plans and projects. Montreal, I will miss you! v

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