Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yeh! Frozen Yogurt, Fafa Purses & Other Montreal Tidbits

After our Indiana Jones adventure on Saturday, Janice and I discovered Yeh! - a new way to eat frozen yogurt. Started in 2008 by two entrepreneurs who wanted to make frozen yogurt more "fun", this company has three locations in Montreal - and wow, do I hope they expand to the rest of Canada soon.  (excuse the blurry picture; it's from a Blackberry!)

The concept? Choose your frozen yogurt flavour (no preservative, no fake stuff, just frozen yogurt). Then, you have your choice - either stay healthy and top it with an assortment of fruit - OR, dive into a delectable, delicious assortment of gummies, candies, chocolates, Girandelli sauces, nuts, and more - it is literally like a candy store! Of course, seeing as both Janice and I were on vacation at that point (well, ignoring the fact that I still have two final assignments due next week) - we chose the more fun way to enjoy a Yeh!


Fafa purses are another company I must rave about. While my original plan was to buy a leather purse from M0581 (high quality and manufactured in Montreal; click here), my budget thought otherwise. Coach purses are of comparable price!  So, my last weekend included a trip to two "Fafa" locations (see ADD LINK HERE) to dig through the 50 to 70% off sale (this seems to be a popular way to have a sale here, 50 to 70% off, and I'm definitely not complaining...). Wow, is a leather purse more stylish in Montreal.  Go to this link to check them out!

For the other tidbits of news, I'd like to add "Crepe to Go" to my list of highly recommended Montreal places. They're quick, a bit pricy, and remind you of crepes in France.

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