Saturday, August 06, 2011

A Perfect Weekend Part 1 - Girl’s Day with Julie!

Delicious White Chocolate Cheesecake @ Cactus Club Cafe
 Julie arrived in e-town Friday evening, in perfect time for a celebration to a new beginning to my career and life. As I began my venture towards a career in education and entrepreneurship (full-time) at 5pm, Julie arrived at 8pm, to meet Kiara, and enjoy a weekend of celebration.

Out first stop was the Olive Garden (yes, diets and workouts, you are completely out for the weekend, and begin again on a fresh Monday morning start). To be honest, it was great food but we could only finish a third of our plates - can people actually finish a whole plate??? Wow!   Exhausted, we finished the night with a free movie, courtesy of Shaw on Demand - but we were both so exhausted from our weeks that we fell asleep! So much for a free movie!

Saturday was absolutely PERFECT. It was unbelievable - we timed nothing, and yet everything went smoothly! After sleeping in and indulging in blueberry protein pancakes (yum!), we headed towards a few shopping centres, where I made the dreaded router purchase ($99 to get the speed my ex-roommate installed??), a beautiful, stronger chain to go with my memory locket (see memory locket blog here), and dresses to wear for the evening out.  Julie had amazing success at Blu's women's wear, where she found the perfect Hugo Boss suit to start her career as a lawyer in Calgary. Wow, hot suit!

After Southgate Mall, we headed towards South Edmonton Common for a little Banana Republic outlet time, and Best Buy browsing. 

West Edmonton Mall was definitely our best stop though as we found awesome, well-priced leather sandals with cute beads, and the Oakleys I have been looking for. Julie went for Michael Kors sunglasses. Not to mention Town Shoes - now that is always a hit. Wow, West Ed, you are getting classy!

We checked out the Cactus Club Cafe (click here!). Just $5 more than the Olive Garden but WAY better food, amazingly quick service, gorgeous hosts, and dessert to die for. In fact, we went there twice - once before the movie (Friends with Benefits - a predictable but nonetheless entertaining flick) - and once afterwards for our dessert. I had faijitas and Julie had a quesadilla for dinner - and our dessert was delectable white chocolate cheesecake with raspberry compote. Mmmm!

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