Monday, August 08, 2011

Perfect Weekend Part 2 - Brunch at Barb & Ernie's & Chill Time

Sunday morning was the perfect reunion, as Julie and I met Pam, Camille and Sean for a delectable meal at Barb & Ernie's. As many Edmontonians know, Barb & Ernie's is a classic German family owned restaurant - what I found out on Sunday was that the owners actually live upstairs!  To see their life story, check out

We didn't get a chance to take a group picture (too crowded!) but the meal was great, and the white wine hollandaise sauce was definitely something special! (Vegetarian means just tomatoes though, apparently) :) 

After brunch, Julie and I took Kiara for a walk - she kept moving around me to walk beside Julie. What a hard subject to take pictures of though - she kept moving, as usual :) 

For the rest of the afternoon, Julie and I went for coffee at Wild Earth Bakery Cafe (my new favourite) - check out their website and definitely go for coffee or a muffin. Julie and I discussed our future and new careers and went to IKEA - which we discovered was too dorm like for our new tastes - really, IKEA, you charge a lot and you have to DIG to find things that don't fall apart. And I realized why I never shop at Walmart-  what a mess! I did enter their $1000 gift card contest, though - so, if I win, I will sell it to any takers for a discount :)  

We finished off our perfect weekend with dinner at Joey's, where they make an amazing veggie chicken souvlaki pita. Mmmm - I'm giving myself one more day off to enjoy food, and organize my home and home office, and then it's off to my regular trainer diet (yum, egg whites), three days of paid planning time, and one week of implementation. C'mon business degree knowledge, work your magic! Expressions Tutoring & Editing will be a great venture soon!

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