Monday, August 29, 2011

Viva Italia! & End of Summer Fun

 Incredibly, after 3 years of Italian lessons and a near-lifetime in Edmonton, this year was my first year at the annual Italian festival! Who knew it would be so packed - Sean and I attended this cultural festival this year, thanks to the simple poster posted at the Italian Center Supermarket.

Sponsored by Sonic 102.9 radio, the event included a pizza eating contest (which Brandi from the radio station won), dances, songs, music, and of course, an Italian cooking demonstration. The very slowly cooked pasta reminded me of a book Sean recommends that  I still haven't read  (In Praise of Slow by Carol Honore). Perhaps it'll make my Fall Reading List, now that I have a little more time to breathe in between tutoring sessions!

  There was also a draw for 2 to Tuscany (the feature region this year) and pictures of the beautiful region. Not to mention cappuccinos and gelato! Perhaps part of my "professional development" section of my business plan will include Italian and German lessons again, and continued French Conversation with Cynthia and Simon (we are still watching MMA fights together- and wow, Saturday night's fight with Anderson Silva vs. Okami was incredible).Who can beat that guy, really!

Other end of summer events included a trip to The Cheese Factory with Sean, which is the first time I tried Turkish coffee (below, left). Now, as you know, I'm a coffee fiend, but ick, this was a little too thick for me! The Cheesecake Factory's salad was amazing, though, and they have homemade cheese curds....yum!

The best part of my week was dinner last night with Camille. We dined (a total cheat meal) at Famoso Pizzeria in Riverbend/Macgrath (the "ritzy" area of the southside of Edmonton), including Tuscon white wine (theme of the day, apparently!). As Anne of Green Gables would say, Camille and I are definitely "kindred spirits" and even though we see one another a couple times a year, it's always the best time ever. I even got to learn about the environment and the news-media's framing of environmental lobby groups, thanks to Camille's thesis - wow, do I have a lot to learn about nature! Thanks for an awesome dinner, Camille!

Well, it's almost September (and yes, don't worry, I do have an August book review coming up in a couple days here) and summer is coming to a close. I will FINALLY have a fence installed by the end of the week, thanks to Diniz and his brother. No more -30 degree winters taking Kiara outside every couple hours on leash! Y'know what the funny part is about this year? As much as I detest, abhor and loathe the icy, slick, disgusting mess we call Winter/Spring here in Edmonton, life is much, much, brighter, knowing that my winter sunshiny days will not leave me cooped up in an office cubicle!

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