Thursday, September 29, 2011

A UofA Stargazer Party, Birthday Fun & A Fresh Fall Start

. Sean, Kristan and Sapna in retro costumes
 Last weekend's Friday night Stargazer party was a unique experience - we even got to see Jupiter and four of its moons through giant telescopes at the top floor observatory! While the party itself didn't quite seem as full as it should have been, the hors d'oeuvres were fancy and the signature drinks sugary but impressive. Dinner and wine at Upper Crust Cafe on 109th street in Garneau was a great way to start out the night (they do have amazing quiches and salad, that's for sure).

Sean and Kristan with their "Startinis"
A cocktail party that targeted younger alumni, this event took place at the new Science building. It's bright, beautiful and artistic (although to be honest, as an Arts/Business student the whole way through my University of Alberta career, this was my first time on that side of campus!) 

Seemingly precarious drop (in reality, 6 feet)
The awesome retro dress-up booth "dress up like Stars" was a neat addition - as were the acrobats! The blue tint lighting made the photos a bit impossible (time to take up photography courses again, I know!, but I did my best.

 Rebecca, one of my Mixed Martial Arts instructors (at Edmonton Mixed Martial Arts, an awesome school), celebrated her 22nd birthday on Saturday, with a few drinks at  The Funky Buddha    on Whyte Ave. A couple hours of girl talk, dancing and vodka raspberry waters. Check out the fun group pictures below!

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As I'm writing this, I'm realizing - woah - just one blog post this month! Running my tutoring business has kept me very busy (busy = awesome!). August was moderately busy with lesson planning and scheduling, but September took off and October is about to explode into a flurry of ESL learners, high school and university students and thesis editing clients. I can honestly say that running this business full time has been the best decision I've made yet.

From left: Rebecca, Tabitha, Eric, & friends
October also marks the start of my return to the super strict trainer diet and workout plan; it's amazing how you can go one size up in a few months of waffling with a few small modifications; those carbs just come back and get you! Back at it, complete and unmodified, starting October 1st.  Maybe November long weekend will be a mini break though :) 

Off to enjoy an early night watching a movie with puppy, before the jam packed tutoring weekend ahead.

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