Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Classic Christmas: Pride & Prejudice

Well, Christmas this year was "classic" in the  non-traditional sense of the word - well, the literary sense, to be precise. Working right up to Christmas eve morning, I jumped into the holiday week with enthusiasm, a freshly scrubbed house, a tired puppy, and, to be honest, shocked at the amount of time I had to do -nothing! So, I began this year's holiday literary journey with a re-read of Jane Austen's classic Pride & Prejudice. I'll be honest-  I'm less than a third of the way through as of yet (30%, as Kindle's screen would say).

My Christmas Gift To Myself! - A Kindle 3G Wireless!
A wander down the love paths of Elizabeth, Mr. Darcy, Jane and Mr. Bingley was the perfect return to the 1800s Victorian era - of course, women had no power at all (as Janice pointed out ---we celebrated Christmas Day together, watching the 2006 version of the movie). Keira Knightly was a great Elizabeth - feisty, fire-y, and oh-so- non traditional for a Victorian woman! Although I do hear that in BBC's version, Colin Firth plays a much more convincing Mr. Darcy (I'll check it out and let you know). 
If only it were so easy to find men these days though --dropping by as suitors to your rich, fabulous mansion---haha, it would be hilarious!  Of course, I love modern technology so I'm not sure that time period would work out for me. Thanks to my beautiful Christmas gift to myself --a Kindle 3G wireless, ordered from a freight forwarder in the States (haha, American Amazon, I beat your scheme to keep the coolest devices for Americans only!)  I absolutely love e-reading ---it actually DOES feel like a book, once you buy the leather cover for it. It's so portable and oh-so wonderful; exactly what I expected!

"No more photos, k?, I just wanna eat my xmas slipper!"

As my family is in London, England this year ---and cross those fingers, I'll be there next year, too! ---Kiara and I hung out at home and received the best Christmas news ever.  DEFRA, the British equivalent of our Ministry of Agriculture, CHANGED THEIR PET POLICY! That's right, those strict British hoops to jump through and loops to find will change as of January 1, 2012 to be in line with the European Union. Simply a pet passport and a vet form that says she's vaccinated against rabies. Yay!

Ok, yes, the photography skills need a lot of work, but here's a quick snap of Kiara eating her xmas slipper toy - boy did she love it! She is 9lbs overweight, says the vet--and so my New Year's Resolution will be to run her more. Christmas Day was an hour long run ---so this morning she is tuckered out (it's actually Boxing Day as I'm publishing this).

Speaking of which --I must head out on my early morning annual Boxing Day shopping spree with Janice!  Happy Christmas, everyone, as the Brits say! 

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