Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Dennis & Naomi's Eggnog Party!

Last weekend's Eggnog Party at Dennis and Naomi's place was a great kick off to the festive season, with eggnog, wine, rum, treats galore and spectacular company.Not to mention Christmas crackers - with eight of the lamest jokes ever written, stickers and party hats squished inside. They were a blast to laugh at and wear - and wear while laughing with friends I hadn't seen in a year. Truth be told, I was too wrapped up in conversation from human resources to puppies, holidays and food banks, furniture and tires, wedding and vacations  to take many pictures. 

In fact, we left the picture taking to Dennis' new 3D camera--that's right, apparently point and shoots, now shoot in 3D!  I remember a photography instructor mentioning that features are always tested on point and shoots before SLRs--can you image 3D wall art from an SLR? I love technology!

 So pictures of this event will be added here as soon as I get them; hang tight. I can say for sure, that it was such a relief to introduce myself to new friends as an English tutor and editor, and not a tire and spreadsheet guru! With three weeks of intense tutoring and editing up ahead, I'm looking forward to the festive season and my self-proclaimed week off! Happy December!

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