Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kiara & The Grinch: Xmas Photos!

My beautiful puppy smiling with The Grinch!
We decided to switch it up this year, with a visit to see The Grinch, rather than good old Saint Nick. Luckily, Kiara's daycare, Sadie's K9 Stay & Play, had a visit from both Santa Claus & The Grinch. 

Kiara did surprisingly well ---(about 10 or so times to get her to stay still, rather than the 20 or 30 that Bonnie Doon Mall experienced last year). To be fair though, those mall Santas have NO idea how to deal with dogs, yet still participate in "Pet Day with Santa". Even Sadie's had to keep Kiara's leash on tho - my puppy is a super fast escape artist! 

Kiara's 2009 visit to Santa - at the age of 4 months!
I have to say I'm not super impressed by the yellow eyes ("red eyes" for dogs), but the photography said flash was necessary. Which reminds me - I should definitely find time to register in that Lighting Photography course. Maybe I can squish it into my winter work schedule (which is filling up nicely with a handful of new students for Winter semester).
Anyway, just a mini-entry today. Stay tuned for book reviews - I'll soon be reading on the new, 3G wifi US-only Kindle I received yesterday (thank you, freight forwarder!) and I can't wait to get started on some old favourites and some new, long awaited reads (and movies!). Seven days to Christmas...or, according to this university's micro site, seven days, eight hours and twenty nine minutes!

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