Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Snow Dog Party Fun 2011!

This year's Snow Dog Party was a blast, with five dogs attending this fun event Tuesday afternoon. Kiara loved her friends Ziza, Ayla and Kylie (the Doberman who definitely put in-your-face Kiara in her place!), and baby Luna (the 8 month old blue heeler cross who is still terrified of Kiara's lab-like craziness). Thank you, Steph K and Steph T for bringing your dogs :) 

Ok, the picture's blurry - but wow she's a fast, cute,

Quite a few people attended this year as well --Sean, Cynthia, Simon, Steph K & Eric and Steph T made for an amazing party. Within a few moments, the dogs knew Kylie was the boss--so gentle and beautiful, but definitely the boss.  A couple hours of scintillating conversation, dog parent chat, and the usual lattes, spinach dip, veggies & dip,cookies and chocolate snacks started off the event, and a long walk in the beautiful Mill Creek Ravine finished it off.

Check out the images below for a more effective visual of the event. I really tried to get a wonderful glog poster visual for you, but it looks like Glogster's flash plug-ins are being annoying today. I absolutely love having time to "glog" and blog again though! Well, I'm off to practice some grappling and MMA moves with Cynthia - enjoy the Snow Dog pics!

Who? Me? You want a pic of me?

Oh so beautiful, Ziza!

Ayla and Kylie - happy girls!

We'll do anything for a stick or treat!

Haha try to catch me!

Ayla, Ziza, Kylie & Kiara ready to run for the stick!

Sean by the Christmas Tree in the Dog Park

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